Pet Exams in Millinton, TN

Exam Equiptment | Big Creek Animal Hospital

Regular Health Examinations

It is very important to take your pet to the doctor for a yearly health examination, just like it is for a human to do. During a yearly health examination at Big Creek Animal Hospital, we will examine your pet to detect and prevent any major medical problems early. By detecting any issues early, we can treat it before the situation worsens. Also, make sure to bring your pet in for their yearly booster shots to help keep them protected.

We will also conduct a systemic exam of all body organ systems, and Dr. Garner will give great emphasis on ear checks and ear cleaning, eye checkups, anal glands and dental hygiene.

Geriatric Care

At 8-years-old, small animals are considered to be geriatric. When they reach this age it is highly recommended that you bring them in for a complete health examination. This exam will include blood work, a complete urinalysis and chest x-rays. With this exam, we can make sure you pet is still healthy and has no major health issues developing. It allows us to catch any changes occurring early on. This will mean a longer and happier life for your pet.

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