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Pet Exams Info

It’s incredibly important to take your pet to the doctor for yearly health examinations, just as it is for a human to get a yearly checkup. Early prevention is the key to a long-lasting, healthy life. During a health examination, Big Creek Animal Hospital will very gently examine your pet to detect and prevent any major medical problems early. Early detection of any issues will allow us to provide treatment before the situation worsens. And don’t forget to bring your pet in for their yearly booster shots!

Our main priority is to make sure your pet is healthy and happy and that is what the exam aims at doing. Dr. Garner will put an emphasis on ear cleaning and checks, as well as eye checkups, anal gland expression, and dental hygiene. Contact us to schedule and appointment, or ask about our advanced technology & Techniques we offer in the office.

Geriatric Care

Any small animal 8-years-old and older are considered geriatric. At this age, it is increasingly important to have them undergo a complete health examination to ensure the health of your pet. This exam will include blood work, a complete urinalysis, and chest x-rays. This allows us to catch any changes occurring early on and help us create a longer and happier life for your pet.

If your pet is nearing this age, schedule a complete examination today by calling us at 901-872-2281.

Your Pets Health Is Our Concern

In addition to providing routine health examinations, we also provide:

  • Flea & Parasite Control
  • Prescription Pet Foods
  • Dentistry & Polishing
  • General Medicine (No Large Animal Medicine)
  • And Vaccinations

For the care that your pet deserves contact us at 901-872-2281. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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